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Solomon Kava

Kava Premium Straining Filter (coming soon)

Kava Premium Straining Filter (coming soon)

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Solomon Kava’s premium filter is portable, foldable and made from a food-grade construction of stainless steel and ABS thermoplastic. It filters out even smaller kava particles due to the double stainless steel filter woven to 30 microns in size. To enjoy the smoothest and clearest kava infusion and keep those hands clean and supple, this is a must have for any kava connoisseur.


1. Add desired amount of kava and water into glass A.

2. Vigorously stir for 5-10 seconds and allow infusion to rest for a few minutes.

3. Extend the filter’s side arms and sit on top of glass B.

4. Give the kava a quick stir in glass A before pouring infusion into filter/glass B. Be careful not to overflow as it may take a few moments for the kava to filter out. You may like to stir leftover liquid in filter to assist filtration.

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