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Solomon Kava

Kava Straining Bag (coming soon)

Kava Straining Bag (coming soon)

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Solomon Kava’s straining bag is made from a top quality, food-grade nylon material, precisely woven to a 80 micron filter size. It’s time to toss aside the old pillowcase, pantyhose or lava-lava sarong, as we have the best kava straining bag in town! Our bags are reusable, machine washable (preferably with a gentle, fragrance free detergent) or simply wash with warm soapy water after use.


1. Add desired amount of kava in straining bag and close securely with the cord toggle.

2. Place filled straining bag in empty bowl.

3. Add cold or warm water onto bag and allow infusion to rest for a few minutes.

4. Proceed to knead and squeeze the kava until desired colour and strength is achieved. 

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