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Solomon Kava

Kava Coconut Shell Bowl (coming soon)

Kava Coconut Shell Bowl (coming soon)

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Introducing Solomon Kava's ultra large natural coconut shells with an estimated 13cm in diameter! Polished with coconut oil, inside and out, these shells are hand-made, environmentally responsible and reusable. You'll have no issue serving the biggest kava high tide (full coconut shell) every day. Enjoy a more authentic and traditional kava experience with Solomon Kava's coconut shells.

- 100% natural coconut shell

- Holds approx. 350mls of kava (at 80% full).

- Each shell is unique in shape, size, colour and natural markings

- Versatile, also can be used for salads, smoothie bowls, or poke/buddha bowls.


Wash your coconut shells with warm soapy water and polish with coconut oil often to seal, ensure hydration and maintain the shine.

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